Pick a side

Pick a side you must

Pick a side you must

No one likes to admit they’ve been conned or on the wrong side of an issue, but c’mon, there comes a point where I really have to wonder about your judgment if you side with these guys on a consistent basis:

Hollywood – these are the hypocrites and perverts who sympathize with Roman Polanski, the child rapist pedophile

Obama and his Communist crew – legalized government money laundering, anti-God, late-term abortions… there’s no end to the crazies he’s got working with him

Dictators – Chavez, Castro, Ahmedinejad, al-Gaddafi, etc – all these guys absolutely LOVE the direction our country’s going in, which would be toward a “progressive” (HA!!)  socialist society

I’m just sayin’…… WTH

Snap out of it!

Pick a side



I didn't do it

I didn't do it

Didn't do that either

Didn't do that either

...or this one

...or this one


Here’s a little story:

Let’s just say that there’s been a bunch of fires. Every time there’s a fire there are people at the scene accusing people of setting the fires. They always manage to implicate someone for the fire. People go to jail because we don’t put up with people burning down our buildings. But as we investigate, we learn that these same accusers are always at the scene right before the fires. And here’s the twist, the accusers are the fire inspectors!

This example, ladies and gentleman, is spot-on for what is going on in our government right now, and particularly in the financial oversight committees. Those in charge (Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Chuck Rangel, and fellow evil bastards) are nothing more than pyromaniacs. They are con artists of the first degree.

How can we ever stop the burning if those setting the fires are the ones doing the investigating and prosecuting?!

Inconsistenly compassionte

Feel free to help me out with this logic. I’m thinking out loud here:

I am a racist if I oppose liberalism since the President is black(ish). I want children and elderly people to die since I’m conservative. I hate everyone since I oppose gov’t-run health care. I am intolerant by opposing indoctrination of children through the school system. Hmmmm. I guess I’s jist too dumb to git it.

However, if you’re a liberal, you’re inherently a compassionate wonderful person, no matter what you do, say or believe.

Being a liberal and a racist is of course incompatible. If you don’t agree, look at the evidence. Remember the white cop/black professor incident? How about Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s pastor, who spews hatred of whites and America? Van Jones, an Obama friend and advisor, accuses whites of conspiring against minorities, trying to poison them and keep them suppressed. Good thing blacks liberals are immune to racism, or these things would be damning.

If you’re from Hollywood, you can rape and murder, and people will excuse you and lobby for your release (Sound like a guy named Barrabas to me).

You are compassionate and want to help all the people from Africa by stealing my $ and laundering it through the government. But late-term abortion’s OK. Babies aren’t people. That doesn’t count.

You are tolerant because you excuse gays. But you seek to destroy my family in the name of tolerance by altering what “marriage” is and by filling my kids’ heads with sexual wickedness and other environmental crap and liberal lies at school. Sounds like you understand the same thing that I do. Get them while their young, while they’re impressionable. Hitler understood this too.

And to prove you’re not racist you liberals steal my money and give it to the poor and claim you’re helping the minorities. How is this helping? Our culture is being destroyed because of the destruction of conservative values: work, family, God. Corruption is the root problem, not poverty.

But you’d like to blame problems on everyone else. I’m sure that by writing this you’ll think I’m trying to incite a riot or propagating hate speech or whatever. I’ll never change your mind and I just don’t care anymore what you think. I’ve picked a side, and we’re the good guys. The good guys always win.

Ted Kennedy


For more info on the wonderful man who was Ted Kenn..(I just threw up a little bit in my mouth)…edy, see my page Are you going to Hell?.

I just wanted to put some feelers out there real quick…. Anyone thinking of dying anytime soon? Anyone?

OK, well, if you know someone who is, will you kindly ask them to grab me one of those ‘take-a-number’ numbers for me? Being as popular and virtuous as he is, I’d like to at least get a few thousand years head start in the line to thank Mr Kennedy for his wonderful efforts in making our country what it is today.

Have a nice day! 😉

“Mainstream” Media

I quit watching the news on TV(except for CNBC, which I grudgingly watch at work for info on the markets). I feel like I’m saving so much time and actually getting information that’s not slanted. I now get all my news from the internet. It’s more efficient and less fluffy. I have maybe around 15 websites that I check daily and can get both sides of an issue. I can think about it and decide for myself what I believe. I have become very disenchanted with the media the last few years and it’s come to a head the last few months as I become more and more aware of issues that the “mainstream” media is mysteriously silent about.

Here are the most recent and most blatant the last month:

Complete misrepresentation of the 9/12 march

Van Jones & crew of Constitution-hating czars & Marxist-thinking Obama advisors

“Breaking News” twice-a-day w/ the same canned Obama health care propaganda, just in a different city

Since when do we continue to place our trust in anyone who over and over demonstrates they are biased and act only in their self-interest?

And isn’t a state-run media a staple of socialism? That’s exactly what we have here, folks…. unless you ask Obama, who has as an advisor Jeff Immelt, who runs GE (which coincidentally greatly benefits from the bailout and health care reform), which owns NBC, which in in league with the devil.

Follow that? Socialism = Satan -> NBC -> GE -> Jeff Immelt -> Obama

From now on, the “mainstream media” is my contrary indicator. Pretty much, if they’re reporting it, it’s not worth my time (and most likely I am already aware of it). If they make a big deal of it, I need to ask myself  ‘why?’ and look into their motivations. And if they ignore of downplay a story, I should perk up and really start digging into it, because they’re hiding something.

Media, you are a disgrace and I would dare say un-American.

Why wait ’til I’m dead?

I happen to be an organ donor. I know many other people who are as well. I personally don’t have a problem with the thought of someone else benefiting from my eyes, liver, heart, or kidneys if something were to happen to me. I think it’s the right thing to do and I don’t see a reason not to be an organ donor.

However, there are many people who don’t believe in donating their organs, for whatever reason. That’s fine. There are probably some of my own friends and family who aren’t donors. Does this mean they’re bad people because they don’t wish to donate? Do they hate people with health problems or those who have had accidents? Those would be a ridiculous liberal arguments and I absolutely do NOT believe it. We all have our own bodies and have the right to decide what to do with them now and after death. And I respect that, whatever the reason.

What about cremation. I don’t believe in that. Some people do. We can choose for ourselves.

What about flu shots? Medications?

Now, let’s just imagine for just a minute that we live in some crazy parallel universe where governments are out of control and people get rights and privileges mixed up (I know that would never happen, but just humor me for a minute).

Once we give authority to the government to make medical (life/death) decisions, why not require everyone to become organ donors? You don’t need them. You’re dead. It makes sense that someone else still living should benefit. But why stop there?

It’s more efficient to be cremated.

You have 2 kidneys. You only need one.

I have O-neg blood type (red gold). I am the universal donor. Why not require me to donate.

What if you’re overweight?

What if you are disabled?

Why should you be allowed to not get a flu shot and possibly infect others?

Where do you draw the line? Once you succumb to a socialist program, you open the door to bondage. Once you surrender your agency to the government, you will never get it back. In the eyes of the government, you are a #, not an individual. That is contrary to my belief system that we are all individuals who will be accountable for our own individual actions. You, not the government, knows what’s best for you. Not some sweeping govt policy.

This issue, for me, is not as much about health care as it is about agency (even though a government health care program would be devastating to our economy and freedom and would create more problems than it solves). Additionally, I don’t think health care is about health care as much as it is about more control for the govt and dependency on the govt. Any program that takes away my choice (you are naive if you don’t believe a govt health care system would reduce/eliminate choice) or makes the govt bigger, I am against it. I will be responsible, for better or worse, for my decisions. Period.

Wolverine Rocks!


I just watched Wolverine on DVD. I love that movie. If I could be a superhero, I would totally pick Wolverine. And then as Wolverine I would be a NAVY SEAL. Then when all the bad guys were gone, I’d become cop. Then, after Wolverine-cop took care of all the bad guys, I’d become a Senator. Then when (through due process, of course) all the bad guys were gone, we’d elect 99 new Senators. Then all would be well. 😉