Orrin frickin’ Hatch

When the Politicians aren't out in public

When the Politicians aren't out in public

Well, Orrin, you had your chance but it looks like you’ll officially go down in history as the sucky Orrin. The best Orrin, better known as Orrin Porter Rockwell, is the clear winner. It’s too bad we can’t just replace you with him. I’m pretty sure he’d do some real house-cleaning back in D.C. Rockwell is one of my personal heroes. I’m disappointed that you haven’t lived up to his namesake.

You have turned into the exact thing you criticized Frank Moss for in 1976 when you first ran and were elected to the Senate. You argued (rightly so) that Moss had lost touch with his constituents. I further contend that not only have you lost touch, to use your own words, but you have also become part of the apparatus. Your voting record as of late reeks of extreme neglect, with the breaking point, for me at least, being your vote ‘for’ Cass Sunstein, the uber-radical (who is actually an evil Vulcan and distant relative of Spock and Timothy Geithner).

You and your buddies are making term limits seem like more of a good idea every day. After all, it can’t get worse!