A better 4th branch of the government would be…

"Tell me who you're working with, Senator!"

"Tell me who you're working with, Senator!"

There’s been some controversy about who the 4th branch of the government is. Some say it FED, controlling and manipulating our economy. The media has self-appointed itself the 4th branch of government. Even others think that Oprah is actually pulling all the stings, the great and powerful OZ, if you will. That’s completely ridiculous! Why would Oprah EVER go into politics?! She’s so much more powerful doing her show and magazine and all. People fall all over themselves to do whatever she says. She like a hypnotist… or a Jedi master.

I think we should officially nominate as the official 4th branch of our government… JACK BAUER!

In Bauer we trust! Hmmm, that has a nice ring to it. Imagine, with Chloe’s help, he would be able to root out all traitors and corruption. And the best news is that he gets things done within 24 hours!! Who’s with me!?