Why Nate’s Writing This Stupid Blog

My name is Nate. I’m pretty much just a regular guy who is trying to be a decent person and do the right thing. I don’t think I’m smarter than you, even though I am ;), or that my views are better than yours, even though they are ;).

Am I joking? Sure I am. I’m not really a descent person… but I do feel I’m a rational, reasonable person who thinks and ponders about things. And lately there seem to be a lot of insanity going on! I decided to start a blog because I feel like I need a place to write down my thoughts about what’s going on in the seemingly crazy, irrational, upside-down world we find ourselves in right now.

I hope to have some humor, irony, and sarcasm and at the same time be able to articulate my feelings and fine tune my beliefs. And hey, maybe I’ll be able to influence a few people along the way to see things the way I do!


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