Pick a side

Pick a side you must

Pick a side you must

No one likes to admit they’ve been conned or on the wrong side of an issue, but c’mon, there comes a point where I really have to wonder about your judgment if you side with these guys on a consistent basis:

Hollywood – these are the hypocrites and perverts who sympathize with Roman Polanski, the child rapist pedophile

Obama and his Communist crew – legalized government money laundering, anti-God, late-term abortions… there’s no end to the crazies he’s got working with him

Dictators – Chavez, Castro, Ahmedinejad, al-Gaddafi, etc – all these guys absolutely LOVE the direction our country’s going in, which would be toward a “progressive” (HA!!)  socialist society

I’m just sayin’…… WTH

Snap out of it!

Pick a side


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