Communism – The perversion of the gospel law lived by the people of the City of Enoch in the Bible known as the law of consecration, where there were no rich or poor among them. The law of consecration does not work unless all individuals involved are righteous and God-fearing. Communism comes from a Godless and oppressive, wicked government with motivations not of unity and relief, but of dominance and power. These lying, hypocritical, powerful evil men, inspired by the devil (for this, we know, was his plan before the world was – total submission to him and destruction of choice, all for his glory) who conspire for communism have designs & desires for global domination. They will settle for nothing less and will use any means of misery, destruction, & oppression to accomplish their desire, for they are past feeling and in the service of Satan.

Fascism – A dictatorial, authoritarian, oppressive form of government. It’s traits include an emphasis on statism, nationalism and imperialism. The endorsement of a charismatic national leader is key, usually just referred to as “Leader”. They use indoctrination to further their agenda. Their belief in eugenics and abortion are rationalized by the elite-class superiority complex. Fascists believe in national corporatism and blame social and economic problems on laissez-faire capitalism. Fascist governments nationalize key industries, manage their currencies and make massive state investments. They promise the ‘working class’ welfare and other social benefits.

Socialism – A general economic/government theory that can take on many shapes. Socialism is government control of the means of production/distribution of goods/services, which translates to government control of everything (including you). It is the step in between capitalism and communism. It is capable of destroying the right to property, eliminating the family and wiping out religion. It is generally interventionist and anti-capitalist by nature. It is susceptible to massive corruption by the elite/ruling class. All types of socialism are inherently inefficient, thereby leading to economic and social decline and the eventuality of a dictatorship. Socialism is pitched as a Utopian share-the-wealth system when in reality it is a control-the-wealth system scheme for the elite.


  1. A person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust.
  2. A person who commits treason by betraying his country.

WTH – What the h@#* (insert you favorite 4-letter H-word here)


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