I was pretty upset a few months ago when the House passed the Cap and Trade bill. And then on Saturday night the House snuck through their Health Care bribery package. (I love their Saturday ram throughs) My knee-jerk reaction was to be upset about that, too. Anything that I view as a rights infringement, a government power grab, or a step toward socialism usually makes me throw up a little bit in my mouth.

I realized that my decisions were based on my gut reaction. Because of this I have developed a completely objective hierarchical system to determine what my reaction/feelings about issues should be. You just simply progress down the list until the reasonable answer becomes apparent.

Let me demonstrate: Health Care bill (aka thinly disguised socialism and bribery)


That’s right. What would Jack do. I’m pretty sure Jack Bauer would take members of Congress hostage and waterboard them until they confessed that they were, in fact, evil bastards who had ulterior motives about the passage of this bill. Since that’s not really an option for me, I’ll move on…


What would Wolverine do? Hmmmm. I’m really not sure what he would do in this situation. But whatever it is, I’m sure it would be awesome.


What would France do? Well, we know what they did. They have socialized medicine. It sucks. France sucks. They have contributed nothing to society, unless you count the several times they “donate” their country to maniacal dictators. Any non-Frenchie know that in every instance we want to do the exact opposite of whatever France does.

That solves it. If France is for socialized Health Care, I’m against it. See. Completely logical. I don’t know why more people can’t understand things that are so simple.




Dear D.C. sniper-

You been bad. You got some splainin’ to do!

We are all here on this earthly journey to prove ourselves and live good, productive lives according to our conscience and respectful of the rights bestowed by Almighty God. I’m sorry you used your agency for evil. You snuffed out the lives of many. You are a terrorist. You deprived many of their right to choose. You ruined many lives. You are an evil person. You were put to death this evening. Justice will not be fully served until some time in the future when God’s infinite power makes things right. I don’t understand it, but I have faith it will be so. Until then, this is the best form of justice we can serve.

When I take a position on an issue I usually try to envision myself on both sides of an issue. Then I decide what I would be willing to endure from both perspectives. My stance on the death penalty solidified when Mark Hacking killed his wife. I decided that if I were in his shoes, I would seek the death penalty for myself. I believe my execution would be the closest form of repentance/restitution… to give my own blood for the blood taken. Life, according to my understanding, has no purpose once you’ve committed a crime as heinous as intentional murder. There’s no reason to prolong a judgment that’s already been made.

I support the death penalty for cold-blooded murderers. I believe it’s the best option for society and the individual both here in this life and in the next. I believe that murderers receive an automatic “F” in this earthly test. There is no second chance for someone who is so dark they would violate the most precious rule we have: the rule of life. They cannot repent and make restitution in this life for something so grievous. They will have to pay for what they did on the other side.

PS- Say ‘Hi’ to Teddy for us and tell him that they’re still trying to pass his health-care abomination. Ask him if it was worth it…..


Hate Crimes


I always understood that white straight males had the advantage in this country. Maybe all you politicians didn’t get the memo when you discriminated against me with your “equal opportunity” and “affirmative action” bullcrap. Now hate crimes, too? C’mon!

In all seriousness, I just wanted to take a quick second and thank all the moron politicians who voted for hate-crime legislation. Now, for some reason, it is more grievous to commit crimes against people who aren’t straight and white. WTH! My life is worth less now because I’m pasty and I don’t sleep with dudes. Awesome.

I’m glad you’ve all finally figured out that the only reason black/brown/yellow/gay/etc people have crimes committed against them is that they’re different from their perpetrator.

What I can’t figure out is this: Am I not a politician because I’m too smart….. or to dumb? Hmmm.

Moral Hazzards

Whose side are you one? Founding Fathers or Marx/Stalin/Hitler/etc?


I’m so sick of hearing all about how evil capitalism is! How many wars has capitalism started? How many people does capitalism oppress? How about governments? Hmmm…?

Most of the problems we are facing today have less to do with capitalism and more to do with government meddling and manipulation. But the government, true to form, will always place the blame elsewhere.

Capitalism (true capitalism, not this govt-regulated-to-death capitalism) is the most just and fair system this world has ever seen. A capitalist system benefits the productive and industrious. A non-capitalist system coddles the useless and lazy. The argument against capitalism is always that self-interest is bad. Opponents of capitalism are wrong in their reasoning. A critical factor is left out of their equation: self interest, for most people, includes morals (this is why morals/religion in a free/capitalist society is critical).

Here’s something to think about:

There are those who say that we need government involvement to ensure fairness and morality. Saying that politicians will prevent corruption and increase competition is the biggest paradox I’ve ever heard. The trap is that men make mistakes. Men in government are not immune to corruption and mistakes. HA! I would even say there’s a 100% probability of politicians making worse and dire mistakes than a businessman whose livelihood depends on being fair and competitive.

Even if there is immorality and corruption in business, the beauty of true capitalism is that those businesses will fail once their deeds are exposed. If government controls industry, you can no longer choose to not participate. They cannot go “bankrupt” or “out of business.” They don’t have to be competitive or make a profit. You can’t sue them. They can’t go to jail.

Seriously, think about the consequences. The government always screws things up worse than they say they will.


I’ve always thought it funny and I can’t really figure out why the Democrats “mascot” is a Jackass…. Hmmm, maybe I’s jist too dum. 😉


I Hate Politics

For the record, I abhor politics. I think some people have the impression that I like politics because I have opinions about issues.

I think many politicians are scum who concentrate their efforts on keeping their job instead of doing their job.

I deeply respect the process our country has. But it’s sometimes hard to have respect for the person who I view as duplicitous.

I do not belong to a political party because I believe that both parties are corrupt and without principles. I’m sick-to-death of the whole ‘lesser of 2 evils’ game that is being played to the delight and benefit of both parties. They’re both currently evil. They both suck. Until we see some principles in an organization, I will not lend my support, my money, or my time.

So, basically, everything political disgusts me. So why, you may ask, do I torture myself by being involved?

I believe it’s my duty. We are in an ideological war if there ever was one. I believe that this war is of eternal consequence. I am not willing to bury my head in the sand. That’s what they want. I’m not willing to stand by while freedom is blatantly assaulted. I cannot watch the politicians mortgage away my children’s future without a fight. I am compelled by conscience to do my part within the bounds of the law. I am still trying to figure out exactly what that part is. For now, understanding what’s going on – the deeper purposes – and sounding the alarm is what I need to do.

Pick a side!