Ever Seen A Crack Addict?


I am not naive.

I have never smoked. I have never done drugs. I have never had a drink of alcohol. I have never been in a brawl. I was pretty much a good kid growing up. I went to church every Sunday. Now, reading this, you would probably assume I was sheltered and inexperienced, right?

I grew up in San Diego. People that lived on my street were killed in drive-by gang violence. I went to middle school with a guy who murdered his girlfriend (one of my elementary school classmates) and has been tried, convicted, and executed. I didn’t know the bathrooms weren’t supposed to smell like weed until I moved to Utah. I have been asked for dollars in said restrooms so classmates could sniff their line of cocaine on their folder. I have witnessed gang fights and stabbings. Another classmate stole a car in 8th grade and wrecked it at 100 mph. Yup, he’s in heaven now.

I was a missionary in Chile for 2 years. I saw poverty with my own eyes. I saw despair. I felt the pain of people without hope. I witnessed the effects of illiteracy. I knew people who dealt with all kinds of addictions and was involved with helping them conquer them.

I bring this up to give me at least a little bit of credibility to my perspective and next point.

I had a Sunday school teacher who was a judge. He would tell us real-life stories pertinent to whatever lesson we were learning each week. The one story that has really stuck to me was the one about the heroin addict. The vivid description he gave of what you have to go through to get clean (days of excruciating pain and convulsions, just to start) was enough to scare the crap out all us.

He told us of the unquenchable desire for drugs… the all-consuming need to have them at any cost. He told us of the destruction of families and jobs. Once-normal people who now wouldn’t even think twice about stealing and murder.

You get to a point with addiction when you can’t help yourself. You are self destructive. You are entirely focused on one thing: the next fix. Only someone from the outside can help you. You have to be cut off. You have to be watched and treated as a suspect for quite a while.

Comrades, our government is a crack addict. They are addicted to money and power. They cannot heal themselves at this point.

They pervert our laws to get their ‘fix’. They think nothing of lying and stealing, for they do it daily. They seek to render impotent our Constitution so they can continue their indulgence unhindered.

You cannot scold them. It is too late for that.

You cannot rein them in a bit. That will not cure their addiction.

An addict must be cut off, completely. We must take back our power, to the state and community levels.


Time is running out. Our world is changing…. and yup, you guessed it.

It’s time to pick a side!


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