Control The Media : CHECK

OK. We’ve now moved on past ‘If you don’t see what’s going on here, I seriously question your judgment’ to ‘If you don’t see what’s going on here YOU’RE A FREAKING MORON’. These are SERIOUSLY bad people trying to destroy our country. Wake up! How can you ever justify being on their side? At this point, even if they had a dude who looked like this you’d explain it all away and accuse anyone who raised an eyebrow at you as part of a “vast right-wing conspiracy:


This just in: White House Communications Director Anita Dunn  admits that government is attempting to control the media. Oops.

This just in: White House accuses Fox of being not being a news network and being propagandist.  ??????

This just in: MSNBC falls in line with government and accuses Fox of being an arm of the Republicans (who ever saw that coming!?)

Well, I guess the good news is that if Fox isn’t news, they’re the only one not being controlled by the government at this point. Go Fox!

On a completely unrelated note, Anita Dunn also admits that her favorite political “philosopher” is Mao (ps- look up any dictator. All communist/fascist nut-jobs fancy themselves philosophers… I picked a heck of a blog name! CRAP ;)), by most estimates the most prolific murderer of all time.

On another completely unrelated note, after she was exposed as a Mao lover, the White House issued a statement that sadly, Anita is planning on leaving to pursue other interests by the end of the year – a conspicuous preemptive on the  demise of all Obama commie associates.


America’s watchdog… I guess… if you ride the slow bus

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Keith Olbermann Special on Health Care Tonight – The Drinking Game

by Derek Hunter

Let’s be honest, the only way to watch Keith Olbermann is drunk–blind drunk. That would explain his anemic ratings and his small but loyal following. Real drunks always frequent the same bars.

olberman hate

Since Olbermann is dedicating his show tonight to White House talking points on health care, I figured I might as well make it interesting by creating a drinking game for it.

Note: I don’t recommend watching Countdown, there is always something more entertaining and informative on the Watching Paint Dry network, but if your morbid curiosity gets the better of you make sure you have booze handy.

Take a drink every time Keith does one of the following:

  • Says “sir” in anger. (Three if it’s a “How dare you, sir!)
  • Mentions Sarah Palin (Two if he throws in a pejorative like “failed” or “quitter” first, three if he talks about Trig and the health care he got.)
  • Each time he mentions the bogus 44,000 people who die each year for lack of health insurance number.
  • Each time he mentions 46, 47 or 50 million uninsured. (Do a shot if he uses the new 30 million number.)
  • Praises Canada, France or the UK. (Second sip when he says long lines are a lie.)
  • Each time he says “death panel” and Palin.
  • Each time he claims Republicans have no plan or solutions. Do a shot when he says Republicans want people to die.
  • With every mention of Rush, Hannity, Beck or Levin (aka people with an audience).
  • Finish your drink each time he exploits someone’s personal health care horror story and presents it as the norm.
  • Chug from the bottle if he mentions the fact that Medicare rejects more claims than any other insurance plan in the country.
  • Finish the bottle if he tells the truth about anything, accidentally or on purpose. (I was going to say that you take a drink each time he lies but I don’t want to cause a nationwide wave of alcohol poisoning.)

Feel free to add your own rules in the comments.

Follow these guidelines and you’ll be more drunk than Teddy Kennedy on, well, an average Tuesday in the 70’s. And that might just be enough to tolerate spending an hour watching Keith Olbermann…maybe.


Some funny videos

Big Government Health Care PSA

I Pledge! (this won’t be nearly as funny if you haven’t seen the I Pledge Hollywood schoolchildren indoctrination video)

Click here for John Stewart ACORN video

Disclaimer: bleeped out bad language, but still a little coarse. However, way funny and shockingly true.

“Mainstream” Media

I quit watching the news on TV(except for CNBC, which I grudgingly watch at work for info on the markets). I feel like I’m saving so much time and actually getting information that’s not slanted. I now get all my news from the internet. It’s more efficient and less fluffy. I have maybe around 15 websites that I check daily and can get both sides of an issue. I can think about it and decide for myself what I believe. I have become very disenchanted with the media the last few years and it’s come to a head the last few months as I become more and more aware of issues that the “mainstream” media is mysteriously silent about.

Here are the most recent and most blatant the last month:

Complete misrepresentation of the 9/12 march

Van Jones & crew of Constitution-hating czars & Marxist-thinking Obama advisors

“Breaking News” twice-a-day w/ the same canned Obama health care propaganda, just in a different city

Since when do we continue to place our trust in anyone who over and over demonstrates they are biased and act only in their self-interest?

And isn’t a state-run media a staple of socialism? That’s exactly what we have here, folks…. unless you ask Obama, who has as an advisor Jeff Immelt, who runs GE (which coincidentally greatly benefits from the bailout and health care reform), which owns NBC, which in in league with the devil.

Follow that? Socialism = Satan -> NBC -> GE -> Jeff Immelt -> Obama

From now on, the “mainstream media” is my contrary indicator. Pretty much, if they’re reporting it, it’s not worth my time (and most likely I am already aware of it). If they make a big deal of it, I need to ask myself  ‘why?’ and look into their motivations. And if they ignore of downplay a story, I should perk up and really start digging into it, because they’re hiding something.

Media, you are a disgrace and I would dare say un-American.