Inconsistenly compassionte

Feel free to help me out with this logic. I’m thinking out loud here:

I am a racist if I oppose liberalism since the President is black(ish). I want children and elderly people to die since I’m conservative. I hate everyone since I oppose gov’t-run health care. I am intolerant by opposing indoctrination of children through the school system. Hmmmm. I guess I’s jist too dumb to git it.

However, if you’re a liberal, you’re inherently a compassionate wonderful person, no matter what you do, say or believe.

Being a liberal and a racist is of course incompatible. If you don’t agree, look at the evidence. Remember the white cop/black professor incident? How about Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s pastor, who spews hatred of whites and America? Van Jones, an Obama friend and advisor, accuses whites of conspiring against minorities, trying to poison them and keep them suppressed. Good thing blacks liberals are immune to racism, or these things would be damning.

If you’re from Hollywood, you can rape and murder, and people will excuse you and lobby for your release (Sound like a guy named Barrabas to me).

You are compassionate and want to help all the people from Africa by stealing my $ and laundering it through the government. But late-term abortion’s OK. Babies aren’t people. That doesn’t count.

You are tolerant because you excuse gays. But you seek to destroy my family in the name of tolerance by altering what “marriage” is and by filling my kids’ heads with sexual wickedness and other environmental crap and liberal lies at school. Sounds like you understand the same thing that I do. Get them while their young, while they’re impressionable. Hitler understood this too.

And to prove you’re not racist you liberals steal my money and give it to the poor and claim you’re helping the minorities. How is this helping? Our culture is being destroyed because of the destruction of conservative values: work, family, God. Corruption is the root problem, not poverty.

But you’d like to blame problems on everyone else. I’m sure that by writing this you’ll think I’m trying to incite a riot or propagating hate speech or whatever. I’ll never change your mind and I just don’t care anymore what you think. I’ve picked a side, and we’re the good guys. The good guys always win.