Yet another one…

Soul of the Obama administration

Soul of the Obama administration

WTH! Is the Obama administration an ‘evil bastard’ bottomless pit?

This is a story about a sick, twisted, disgusting, repulsive human being.

He glamorizes drug use.

He is a supporter of homosexual pedophiles and a sympathizer to the destructive gay culture.

He has open contempt for religion.

But have no fear, he’s only Kevin Jennings, our new “Safe school Czar”.

He has never apologized for enabling and condoning a homosexual adult male raping a school boy. His excuse is that he didn’t have training in the situation.

I’m sorry, but you don’t need training in ‘not being an evil bastard’. You’re born with that ‘training’ and you have it until you discard it and decide to become a horrible person.

How is it that all who surround Obama are repulsive people?

And they wonder why we are skeptical of anything they tell us, especially in the school system.

Wake up, pick a side!


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